City Hall / Institution

Do you want to know the habits, disposition, knowledge... of your citizens about the Environment and Climate Change?

With this tool you will have all that information, necessary to carry out events and awareness campaigns more adjusted to the reality of your citizenship.

All institutions ask us citizens to raise awareness about the problem of Climate Change and the Environment, or to improve that awareness, even helping us with campaigns and events with that objective.

And at Hazigreen we understand that in order to improve something, it is essential to be able to measure and know our current situation, to also analyze our personal evolution. Thanks to this tool it is already possible.


Custom tool

We customize the general Hazigreen tool so that:

– it is recorded that it is your town hall or institution that offers the tool,

– have, in addition to the basic information, other information that is relevant to your municipality.

For every citizen

Each person who uses the tool will obtain essential data to be able to measure the improvement of their actions: their current situation regarding their Level of Awareness with the Environment and Climate Change (LOA Seal), together with a report that includes personalized improvement suggestions. to their answers.

And in the near future you will be able to see its evolution thanks to the comparative report.

Information statistics (Ecobarometer)

You will have statistical reports with which you will be able to know what perception your citizens have about the problem of Climate Change, as well as their habits regarding the Environment, the willingness to assume efforts and costs, the knowledge they have about all this,… and everything that has been customized for your municipality.