About us?

We want Hazigreen to be all of us, because only with the help of all of us can we reach the whole world, and improve its environmental awareness.

The Hazigreen Research project sees the light at the end of 2020, but it was born in 2018, out of an unmet need, to be able to measure my own current awareness of Climate Change and the Environment.

We are being told that we must become aware, or that we must improve our awareness. And to improve something (whether it be losing weight, running, quitting smoking, productivity improvements in a company,…), it is essential to know WHERE YOU ARE initially, to be able to analyze myself later, and see if what I am doing is bearing fruit or not. .

But this data (of all its citizens) was only available to public bodies, which are the ones that carry out ecobarometers, so I trained in this field, relying on a multitude of investigations carried out around the world on environmental awareness, to be able to provide truthful, professional data with a serious academic basis, arriving (almost 2 years later) to design and program an algorithm that provides essential data.

Subsequently, the algorithm has been shared with specialized technicians in this field, who have helped to improve it and guarantee its professionalism.

In addition, the Hazigreen team understands that it must contribute something more in helping to raise environmental awareness and the problem of Climate Change, so it is developing this Web, with which it wants to make it a center for obtaining information worldwide, where people can find: all the events and campaigns that are currently taking place anywhere on the planet, all the websites on the Environment and Climate Change, the games that are developed in this regard, information to improve knowledge and perception on this subject , and everything that we believe can motivate people to enter this or other websites, and therefore this topic is present in their day to day, so that the Environment has its weight when making any decision.

Hazigreen makes the LOA Seal measurement tool available to all municipalities, schools, universities, institutes, private companies, foundations... that understand the importance of knowing where the people in their area of influence are (in terms of habits, perception, knowledge and willingness to undertake efforts in this area), as well as provide these people with knowledge of their own Level of awareness.


LOA Stamp

It consists of a questionnaire that has an algorithm implemented that evaluates the answers in such a way that it ends up revealing your own current Level of Awareness about the Environment and Climate Change.

The LOA Seal provides knowledge both to the person who answers (with the personalized report), and to the municipalities/governments (with the Ecobarometer statistical reports of their citizens (anonymously), or to the colleges, institutes and universities (reports of the group of its students even by courses or grades).

Theoretical foundation

We take as a basis the definition and dimensions that Elisa Chuliá Rodrigo presented in 1995 in the publication of ASP2: Affective, cognitive, conative or dispositional and active (individual and collective). We use as a base the Ecobarometer of Andalusia 2004 (until 2013) of the Institute of Advanced Social Studies (IESA-CSIC) and the Ministry of Environment and Territorial Planning of the Junta de Andalucía, whose main researcher is Dr. Eduardo Moyano Estrada (Professor of Research of the CSIC and Director of the IESA 2009-2013), with the technical direction of Regina Lafuente Fernández (senior research technician of the IESA-CSIC), and we include questions, phrases,… from CIS studies, as well as from different publications, as number 97 of the Ekonomiaz magazine (Ibon Galarraga and Elisa Sainz de Murieta. July 2020).

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Provide citizens with data on their current level of awareness of Climate Change and the Environment, and provide organizations with a tool that helps them find out relevant information about their population

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That the problem of Climate Change and the care of the Environment be in everyone's mind in our day to day, that it has its weight when making any decision

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Environmental commitment, innovation and social impact

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