Circular economy

The circular economy is a production and consumption model that involves sharing, renting, reusing, repairing, renewing and recycling existing materials and products as many times as possible, thus lengthening the life cycle of products.

It could be said that it is the opposite of the traditional linear economic model, based mainly on the “use and throw away” concept, which requires large amounts of cheap and easily accessible materials and energy.

Ecolec Foundation

Its mission is to manage appliances and electronic products efficiently from an environmental, economic and social point of view, complying with legal regulations.



They are responsible for making it possible for plastic containers, cans and briks (yellow container) and cardboard and paper containers (blue container) to have a second life.

Intermón Oxfam

Intermon Oxfam

It is a blog created by Oxfam Intermón that was born with the intention of giving clues to change our environment and turn it into a more sustainable and supportive place. Ideas are offered, notes that can help you to change small things in your day to day.


The Circular Lab

It is an open innovation center specialized in circular economy, which focuses its activity on the study, testing and development of best practices in the field of packaging and its subsequent recycling